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If you want to know about Damon Hill real phone number and also looking for Damon Hill email and fanmail address then, you are at the correct place! We are going to give you the contact information of Damon Hill like his phone number, email address, and Fanmail address details.

Damon Hill Contact Details:

REAL NAME: Damon Hill
NICKNAME: Damon Hill
DOB: 17 September 1960 (age 61 years), Hampstead, London, United Kingdom
BIRTHPLACE: Hampstead, London, United Kingdom
PROFESSION: racing driver
FATHER:  Graham Hill
MOTHER: Bette Hill
SIBLINGS: Brigitte Hill, Samantha Hill
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/96f1champ/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/hillf1
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100057751913156

Damon Hill Bio

Born on September 17, 1960, Damon Hill is the son of Formula 1 world champion Graham Hill. Most of the time Graham spent with his family was on the road. This might have set the stage for what happened to him as a child. Samantha and Bridgette have grown up with the sound of engines all around them. In the five years, he was behind the wheel, he didn’t like motorcycles like the boy’s father did. It was a gift from his father, who went to a good school. Damon has a 50 cc “Honda” engine on his bike. So, as a schoolboy, Damon has already taken part in some competitions. But her mother didn’t believe that her father was right. She always thought that machines were safer to chase, but her son insisted.

On September 17, 1960, Damon Graham Devereux Hill, OBE was born in Britain. He used to be a racing driver. He is the son of Formula One world champion Graham Hill. He is one of only two sons of a world champion to win the title. In 1981, he started racing motorbikes. After a little success, he moved on to single-seater racing cars, which he did well in. But even though he rose through the ranks and reached the International Formula 3000 championship by 1989, he never won a race at that level. The Williams Formula One team won the title in 1992. Hill became a test driver for the team in 1992.

His first victory came at the 1993 Hungarian Grand Prix. He was promoted to the Williams team after Riccardo Patrese left, and he took his first victory there. The main rival for the Formula One Drivers’ Championship in the mid-1990s was Michael Schumacher. Hill and Schumacher fought on and off the track many times, both on the track and off it. Schumacher won his first title by one point after they crashed together at the 1994 Australian Grand Prix, giving him his first title. Hill won eight races in 1996, but Williams beat him the next year. When he was done with Arrows and Jordan, he went on to drive for them.

In 1998, he led Jordan to their first win. Hill stopped racing at the end of the 1999 season. This is how it used to be: He has since started a lot of businesses and has played the guitar with famous bands. The president of the British Racing Drivers’ Club was Jackie Stewart, who died in 2006. In 2006, he took his place. Hayes Hill stepped down from the job in 2011. Derek Warwick took over. He was in charge of getting a 17-year deal for Silverstone to host Formula One races. This allowed the track to get a lot of work done. Hill is now a member of the Sky Sports F1 broadcasting team, and he does this job.

Hill was born in Hampstead, London, the son of Graham and Bette Hill, and he now lives there. This is how it worked: Graham Hill was a driver in the international Formula One race series. It happened in 1962 and 1968, and he became a well-known person in the United Kingdom. Graham Hill had a good job that made him a lot of money. It was by 1975 that the family lived in a “country mansion.” Damon went to The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School, which was a private school. After his father died in a plane crash in 1975, 15-year-old Hill and his family were left in a very poor situation. His mother and sisters Samantha and Brigitte were also affected. Hill worked as a labourer and a motorcycle courier to help pay for more school.

Hill is married to Susan George (‘Georgie’ – born April 29, 1961) and they have four children: Oliver, Joshua, Tabitha, and Rosie (born 1 February 1998). Oliver was born with Down’s syndrome, and Hill and Georgie are both supporters of the Down’s Syndrome Association, which helps people with Down’s syndrome get the help they need. Hill was also the first patron of St. Joseph’s Specialist School and College, a school for children with severe learning disabilities and autism in Cranleigh, Surrey, when he did this in 2008. The British Formula Renault Championship was held in 2011 and Joshua was a part of it.

He started racing in 2008. On July 9, 2013, Joshua said he was giving up motor racing. Hill began his motorsport career in 1981 by competing in motorcycle races. He used the same simple, easy-to-see helmet design as his father: eight white oar blades arranged vertically around the upper surface of a dark blue helmet, with the blades facing each other. Graham Hill was a member of the London Rowing Club in the early 1950s. This device and these colours show that.

Even though he won a 350 cc club man’s championship at the Brands Hatch circuit, his racing money came from working as a building laborer, and he “didn’t really look like he was going to do very well.” She told him that racing motorcycles could be dangerous, so she convinced him to take a racing car class at the Winfield Racing School in France back in 1983 when he was 15.

Hill had only a few single-seater races until the end of 1984, even though he had a lot of “ability.” He started out in British Formula Ford, where he won six races in a Van Diemen for Management Racing in 1985, his first full season in a car. He also finished third and fifth in the two UK national championships. The UK also won the team prize thanks to him taking third place in the 1985 Formula Ford Festival, which helped them win the team prize.

Damon Hill Phone Number

As the team that won British Formula Three Championships in 1986, Hill planned to move up to British Formula Three Championships in 1986. When Hill’s sponsors dropped him and Bertrand Fabi died in a testing accident, his planned drive was over. “Hill says that: “There’s no reason for me to stop doing things like this after Bert died, so I’ll keep going. When it comes to this case, it’s not just about competing with each other. Even more exciting: It’s also doing something new and exciting. It doesn’t matter if I’m skiing, racing, or doing other things. It doesn’t matter what I do. I’m at my best now.

There are two things I’m more afraid of: not being able to do anything when I get older and not being able to do anything when I get older.” Hill took out a loan of £100,000 to help pay for his racing, so he could do it. In 1986, he had a good year with Murray Taylor Racing. The next three years, he won two races for Intersport each time, so he had a very good run with them. There were a lot of people there, and he came in third. Most successful drivers from Formula Three in Europe in the 1990s went on to race in either Formula One, the top level of the sport, or International Formula 3000. Hill, on the other hand, didn’t have enough money to pay for a drive in F3000.

The first thing I did was think about how lucky I was to be able to drive anything. Make a promise to yourself: You’ll do your best at whatever you drive and see where it takes you.” As part of Richard Lloyd Racing, he took part in the British F3000 championship for one race. He also shared a Porsche 962 at the Le Man’s race, but the engine failed after 228 laps. He also took part in one race in the British Touring Car Championship at Donington Park, where he was driving a Ford Sierra RS500, and he came in last place. The Mooncraft F3000 team didn’t do very well this season, but there was a chance for them to improve.

Hill and Perry McCarthy were tried by the team. Their performances were about the same, but the team manager, John Wickham, said that the sponsors of the team preferred the Hill name. Because of his Mooncraft races, Hill got the chance to drive the Lola chassis for Middlebridge Racing in 1990. Hill’s best finish was 15th place. It was 1990, and he took three pole positions and led five races. He did not win a race during his time in Formula 3000.

Hill began his Grand Prix career in 1991 when he worked as a test driver for the Williams team, which won the F3000 championship at the time. Hill was still competing in the F3000 series at the time. Hill, on the other hand, became a driver for the dying Brabham team in the middle of 1992. The once-competitive team was having a lot of money problems. Hill didn’t start the season until after three races when he replaced Giovanna Amati because her sponsorship had not come through. During qualifying, Amati couldn’t get the car to work. Hill qualified for two races in the middle of the season: the British and Hungarian Grands Prix. As the year went on, Hill kept testing for the Williams team.

He got a surprise promotion to the Williams race team in 1993 when Mansell’s teammate Riccardo Patrese left for Benetton. Hill was ahead of more experienced candidates like Mikko Hakkinen. For many years now, the current world champion has the number “1” on his car, and his teammate has the number “2.” When Formula One champion Nigel Mansell did not race in 1993, his Williams team was given the numbers “0” and “2.” Hill was Prost’s partner and took “0,” becoming only the second person in Formula One history to do so. In 1973, Jody Scheckter did the same thing.

After the South African Grand Prix, Hill lost second place and didn’t finish the race because he hit Alex Zanardi on lap 16. Ayrton Senna, a three-time world champion, took the lead when Prost crashed out and Hill took the lead. Senna then pushed Hill back to second place. In spite of this, Hill still got his first podium finish in the race.

Another race in Europe saw Hill again finish second behind Senna and ahead of Prost, who had been thrown off the track by another car. Hill learned a lot from his older French teammate in his first full season. As the season went on, he kept getting better and better. At the start of San Marino Hill, he took the lead, but he was passed by Prost and Senna and had to retire because his brakes failed. During the race, he kept up with Prost until his engine broke down.

Afterward, Hill took his first pole of the season in France. He finished second to Prost after team orders kept him from seriously challenging for the win. With two laps to go, he had a puncture and lost the German Grand Prix to Prost. He looked like he was going to win his home race in Britain.

It worked out for Hill to win his first race of the season at the Hungarian race. He led from the beginning to the end. He made history by becoming the first son of a Formula One Grand Prix winner to win his own race. Afterward, he went on to win two more races, first at Spa, where he took the lead after Prost had a problem with his pit stops, and then at the Italian Grand Prix, where his engine broke down near the end, which meant that he won. In this race, Williams won his third in a row, which meant he won the constructors’ title and briefly moved him to second in the driver standings.

Hill raced from the back of the grid to third place at the Portuguese Grand Prix after he stalled on the warm-up lap from pole. Ayrton Senna won the last two races, so he took second place in the championship instead. He finished fourth in Japan and third in Australia, but that wasn’t enough to keep him there. Prost was the winner at the end of the season. After this year, Hill set a lap record for Adelaide Street Circuit. There haven’t been any races on the full Grand Prix track since 2000. Hill set the record for the 3.780 km (2.349 mi) long track with a time of 1:15.381, which still stands.

He joined Hill at Williams in 1994. It was Prost, not Hill, who kept his number “0.” During the preseason, the odds were that Senna would win the title. But because of the ban on electronic driver aids, the Benetton team and Michael Schumacher won the first three races. He died when his car slid off the road at May’s San Marino Grand Prix. During this time, the team was being investigated by the Italian authorities for manslaughter. Hill was the team leader with only one season of experience in the top flight. It was widely thought at the time that the Williams car’s steering column had broken. Hill told BBC Sport in 2004 that he thought Senna took the corner too quickly for the conditions, citing the fact that the car had just started the race again with cold tyres after being slowed down by a safety car.

Hill was the only Williams driver at the next race, the Monaco Grand Prix, and he did well. In the first lap of the race, he got into a crash with a lot of other cars. A few weeks after Senna died, Williams test driver David Coulthard joined the team. Hill, who won the Spanish Grand Prix just four weeks after Senna died, joined the team. Graham Hill won in Spain for Lotus after his team-mate Jim Clark died. Schumacher, the leader in the championship, came in second because of a gearbox problem that limited him to fifth gear. He had led the early laps.

During the middle of the season, Schumacher had 66 points to 29 for the rest of the race.  Coulthard did the majority of the 1994 season, but Mansell did the majority of the races in 1994. Mansell earned about £900,000 for each of his four races, while Hill was paid about £300,000 for the whole season. Hill’s lead driver status was never in question. In the British Grand Prix, Hill won a race that his father had never won. Hill came back into the race for the title after that victory. During the formation lap, Schumacher passed Hill and ignored the black flag. He was then disqualified from that race and banned for two more races.

Hill won four more races, three of which were in races where Schumacher was either excluded or disqualified. This took the title fight to the final race at Adelaide. Hill won four more races. First, he said that Hill (who was eight years older than him) wasn’t a world-class driver. However, in the penultimate race at the Japanese Grand Prix, Hill won ahead of Schumacher in a rain-soaked race, taking the lead. This meant that Hill was only one point behind the German before the last race of the year.

Hill and Schumacher didn’t finish the season-ending Australian Grand Prix, after a controversial crash that gave Schumacher the title. Schumacher went off the track and hit the wall with the right side of his Benetton while he was in the lead. It happened at the sixth corner, when Hill tried to pass the Benetton. The Williams’ front left suspension wishbone was broken, and both drivers had to stop the race because they couldn’t keep up with each other.

In the past, BBC Formula One commentator Murray Walker has said that Schumacher did not intentionally crash the car. Hill is a big fan and friend of Walker’s. WilliamsF1 co-owner Patrick Head disagrees with Walker. It was said by him in 2006 that “Williams were already 100% sure that Michael was guilty of foul play.” He did not protest Schumacher’s title because the team was still dealing with Ayrton Senna’s death, so he did not want to make a fuss about it. In 2007, Hill said that Schumacher caused the accident on purpose.

Hill was a favourite to win the title in 1995. With David Coulthard, who was starting his first full season in Formula One, as a teammate, Hill was the clear number one driver. The Williams team had won the constructors’ title in 1994. There were some problems with his car in Brazil that caused him to spin off. He won the next two races and was now in first place. Seven of the next twelve races went to Schumacher, who won seven of them and took his second title with two races to spare.

Benetton won the constructors’ championship. Schumacher and Hill got into a lot of fights on the track during the season, two of which led to suspended one-race bans for them. Schumacher was penalised for blocking and shoving Hill off the road at the Belgian Grand Prix. Hill was penalised for colliding with Schumacher under braking at the Italian Grand Prix. This is how it works: Hill won the Australian Grand Prix by finishing two laps ahead of the second-place driver, Olivier Panis, who was in a Ligier. This was a good way to end Hill’s season.

The fourth driver in nine years to win the World Drivers’ Championship for Williams and not drive for the team next year was Hill. Nelson Piquet, Nigel Mansell, and Alain Prost all did this, as did Hill, who won the title in 2009 and didn’t drive for Williams next year. Hill was a world champion, so he was in high demand. McLaren, Benetton, and Ferrari all offered him a race seat, but they didn’t pay him enough money for his status.

Since Arrows hadn’t won a race in its 20-year history and only scored one point the year before, he signed with them. Hill’s title defense in 1997 didn’t go well. He only just qualified for the Australian Grand Prix and then had to retire on the parade lap. The Arrows car, which used tires from Bridgestone and engines from Yamaha that had never been used before, was usually not very good.

The Hungarian Grand Prix was then where he had the best finish of the year, with a fifth-place finish. The Bridgestone tires were more competitive than the Goodyear ones on this day. In a car that had never finished higher than 9th on the grid, Hill qualified third in third place. During the race, he passed his rival and new championship contender, Michael Schumacher, on the track. It was Villeneuve’s first podium since the 1995 Australian Grand Prix. Hill finished second, and the team had its first podium since that race in 1995. This new podium turned out to be the last podium finish for Arrows ever.

Hill almost signed with Alain Prost’s team after only one season with the Arrows. Instead, he chose to sign with the Jordan team for the 1998 season instead. In his new team, he worked with Ralf Schumacher, the younger brother of Michael Schumacher. In the first half of the season, the Jordan 198 car was behind and unreliable until the Canadian Grand Prix made the car more powerful and stable. During that race, Hill moved up to second place as other people stopped or took breaks for fuel. On lap 38, Michael Schumacher, who had to stop and go because he pushed Frentzen’s Williams off the track, caught Hill on the home straight.

Hill moved across the track three times to stop Schumacher, who took the place after he missed his braking point and ran over curbs at the last chicane; Schumacher took the place. In the next race, Hill came in fourth after his only pit stop before he had to stop because of an electrical problem. After the race, Schumacher said that Hill was driving too fast. Hill said that Schumacher was a good person “Because of what he has done in his life, you can’t say anyone drives bad.

He took Frentzen out of the picture.” First, at the German Grand Prix, Hill got his first point of the year. The next race was very wet, so Hill won the Belgian Grand Prix. After Hill had been in the lead for a while, he suggested that team principal Eddie Jordan order Ralf Schumacher to stay in the same place instead of risking a 1–2 finish. Jordan did what he was told to do. He told Schumacher not to overtake.

In the end, only eight drivers made it to the finish line. Afterward, he had been dropped from the Williams team, which didn’t win any races that year. This was his first victory after that. A last-lap move on Frentzen by Hill at the Japanese Grand Prix earned him fourth place in the race and helped his team Jordan finish fifth in the constructors’ championship that year.

During 1999, there were a lot of hopes. Hill did not have a good season that year. When he had problems with the new four-grooved tyres, he was beaten by his new teammate, Heinz-Harald Frentzen, who had been Hill’s replacement at Williams two years before. After a crash at the Canadian Grand Prix, Hill said that he was going to stop racing at the end of the year. After failing to finish the French Grand Prix that Frentzen won, he thought about quitting right away.

Hill was persuaded that he could only stay for the British Grand Prix at the very least. Hill said he was going to retire after the Grand Prix, which led Jordan to test Jos Verstappen in case Hill had to be quickly replaced, so he did that test. In the end, Hill changed his mind and decided to finish out the year. He came in fifth place at his home event. To sum up, his best finish for the rest of the season was sixth place, which he got in Hungary and Belgium. People thought that the Prost Grand Prix team was going to get rid of Jarno Trulli before the end of 1999 because he had signed for Jordan to replace Hill.

At the same time, his teammate, Frentzen, became a title contender in the last few races of the season and, in the end, came in third place. In this way, both Hill and Frentzen helped Jordan finish third in the constructor’s championship for the first time in its history. In Hill’s last race, he spun off the track and took a healthy car to the pits.

Damon Hill Contact Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website 
Phone NumberNA
House address (residence address)Hampstead, London, United Kingdom
Official WebsiteNA
Snapchat IdNA
Whatsapp No.NA
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/96f1champ/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100057751913156
Twitter https://twitter.com/hillf1
TicTok IdNA
Email AddressNA
Office addressNA
Office NumberNA

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Phone number: NA
Email id: NA

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Melissa Etheridge
Primary Wave Entertainment
10850 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 600
Los Angeles, CA 90024-4319

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