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Dental Digest Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Autograph Request and Contact Details

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If you want to know about Dental Digest’s real phone number and also look for Dental Digest’s email and fanmail address then, you are at the correct place! We are going to give you the contact information of Dental Digest like his phone number, email address, and Fanmail address details.

Dental Digest Contact Details:

REAL NAME:  Anthony Baroud
NICKNAME: Dental Digest
DOB:  17, 1997
BIRTHPLACE: Chicago, Illinois
PROFESSION: TikTok Personality
FATHER: Not Known
MOTHER: Not Known

Dental Digest Bio

As of the year 2022, Dental Digest will be 24 years old, having been born on 17 July 1997. He was born in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States, into a stable Christian household, where he spent his childhood. He professes his faith in Christianity and has an American citizenship, although his nationality is that of the United States. He finished his primary and secondary education in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States. After that, he enrolled himself at a local university in the United States, and it was from that institution that he ultimately received his degree.

Since he was a youngster, he has always taken part in a wide variety of sports and extracurricular activities. He has always had the ambition of becoming a well-known celebrity, and in order to fulfil this goal, he launched his internet career at a young age. Creator of short-form content on TikTok who gained recognition via the dissemination of dental guidance in the form of teeth brushing methods, flossing recommendations, and demonstrations of dental products. On his dental digest account, he has a following of more than ten million people.

In October of the year 2020, he gave a demonstration of what a revealing tablet looks like when it is used on teeth that have not been properly cleaned. He has experimented with several different kinds of toothbrushes, such as those with Among Us and Minions designs on them. Additionally, he has amassed over 30,000 followers on the Instagram page associated with his dental digest. On this page, he has also published a number of films in which he evaluates various dental items.

Anthony Baroud is his genuine name in real life. In February of 2021, he produced a TikTok show that was choreographed to the song “Late Night” by Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight. He maintains a YouTube channel that has more than 5.9 million followers and more than 2 billion cumulative views as of today, and he resides in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States. He launched his account on YouTube in August of the year 2020. His video “The world’s biggest toothbrush” is his most successful video on YouTube, with more than 198 million views. In addition to that, his TikTok profile has more than 198 million likes, and he has more than 9 million followers.

In typical fashion for Silicon Valley, YouTube is taking its sweet time to roll out advertising and other revenue services for its short-form video platform, YouTube Shorts. For the time being, it is concentrating a great deal more on building new tools and content-discovery methods in order to continue to drive increasing use among producers and consumers of YouTube Shorts. In other words, the first step is to get the eyeballs, and then the second step is to profit from them.

The establishment of a $100 million fund for Shorts by YouTube earlier this year was done with the intention of luring in short-form content producers and providing them with an incentive to generate original material. It began sending out checks in the month of August, first to authors in ten countries (including the United States and India), and the payment scheme is currently accessible in more than forty nations. , content creators with the most successful YouTube Shorts may get anywhere from $100 to $10,000 per month from their creations.

“The fund is the initial point of contact for solving the problem of monetizing creators. Kevin Ferguson, who is the director of worldwide operations and partnerships for YouTube Shorts, stated that the company is focused on developing a business model with a longer-term focus. “We are gently experimenting ad forms right now,” he continued about YouTube Shorts. “You can expect to see more soon.” In the month of May, Ferguson became a member of the YouTube Shorts team; before to that, he worked at the chat-fiction app startup Hooked and, before that, he was employed at (which Byte Dance bought and converted into TikTok).

product lead for YouTube Shorts, YouTube has discovered that it is crucial to preserve a clear distinction between the primary long-form platform and YouTube Shorts since creators are searching for various sorts of editing tools, analytics, and methods to engage viewers. At the same time, YouTube feels that the short-form side of the house provides it with a significant edge over other platforms: “Shorts has its own video ecosystem, but it’s tied to YouTube and YouTube Music,” Sherman said. A little more than a year has passed since YouTube debuted its YouTube Shorts feature, and the video-sharing platform claims that it is only beginning to capitalize on the immensely popular component of its platform.

, YouTube Shorts was producing over 15 billion worldwide daily views. This figure represents a significant increase from 6.5 billion in March 2021. , “YouTube Shorts continues to gather momentum.” Midway through the month of July saw the worldwide debut of YouTube Shorts. It really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody that the video platform Shorts, which limits recordings to 60 seconds or less, has become so popular: TikTok, which is owned and operated by Byte Dance and claims to now have more than one billion monthly active users, is the primary inspiration for this feature. TikTok is now one of the online services that is expanding at the quickest rate in the history of the internet.

Both Facebook and Instagram have developed their own own version of TikTok, which they call Reels. Additionally, he uploads the same stuff to his accounts on TikTok as well as YouTube. On September 4, 2020, Dental Digest published its first video, titled “The TRUTH about Smile Direct Club BLUE LIGHT LED Teeth Whitening Kit!!.” in this context, “The TRUTH” refers to the content of the video.

the short-form video feature that YouTube Shorts first debuted as a test in India in September 2020 has been accepted by many groups of interest, and certain unanticipated tendencies have emerged as a result of this adoption. This has included anything from doing magic tricks to playing video games (“Minecraft” in particular), as well as discussing cuisine and, believe it or not, dental care. “It’s still early days, but we’re beginning to see amazing creators and communities take hold,” said Ferguson. “We’re starting to see fascinating creators and communities take hold.” “We are working with the future generation of mobile innovators,” the speaker said.

Naturally, music has always played an important role in YouTube Shorts, and now content producers have access to millions of tunes to use in their films. YouTube joined up with K-pop superstars BTS to host the “Permission to Dance Challenge” this past summer. The challenge encouraged fans to film and post their own 15-second renditions of the song. Strange as it may seem, one of the most popular video categories that has evolved on YouTube Shorts is… dental hygiene. It has come to our attention that there is a sizable audience interested in seeing informative films on dentistry as well as brief demonstrations of toothbrushes.

Anthony Baroud, a dentistry student at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry, is the one in charge of running the channel for Dental Digest on YouTube. This channel has 5.5 million followers. Baroud said that he started making YouTube Shorts because it was much simpler for him to produce a video that was less than one minute long rather than one that was longer, which is especially helpful given that he is still a full-time student. (He said that an eight to twelve minute film uploaded to YouTube may take six hours of footage or more.) When asked about the process of making YouTube Shorts, Baroud compared it to doing repetitions.

The majority of visitors to Dental Digest are interested in learning which toothbrush or toothpaste is most effective. But Baroud is also expanding out into movies that are more simply for amusement purposes, such as counting the number of packages of floss that would be required to support his weight.

Jake Feldman is a 3D video artist who began his career on TikTok and has now expanded his repertoire to include work for YouTube Shorts. TikTok is his most popular social media platform, having over 10 million followers, whereas YouTube only has 7.8 million users. The user who is 23 years old claims that it may take him up to eight hours to make a computer-generated image that is between 10 and 30 seconds long while using the Autodesk Maya programme.

YouTube has a “long tail” in comparison to TikTok.  a video on TikTok has little chance of ever gaining momentum if it doesn’t become viral on the same day it’s uploaded. However, he also noted that “sometimes a video absolutely flops on TikTok, and it goes off to the moon on YouTube.” Feldman said that he published his debut YouTube Short on September 24, 2020, when he already had 15,000 subscribers to his channel. He attributed the whole of the gain in his YouTube subscriber count to Shorts. He remarked, “What began as an online portfolio has genuinely grown into a full-time profession.” “What began as an online portfolio has truly evolved into a full-time career.”

The Kansas City, Missouri-based culinary content artist Lisa Nguyen created her Tele hue Food channel in 2018 with a focus on travel films for restaurants. She began publishing YouTube Shorts with short home-cooking videos to her eponymous channel, and her first one was about preparing instant ramen. Her channel is currently very close to having 1.5 billion views, and a significant part of it is due to the short-form material that she has been providing.

“When YouTube Shorts came out, I knew this was for me,” she said. “This is exactly what I’ve been looking for.” “Since I saw success with YouTube Shorts, I decided to put even more effort into the platform.” In addition, Nguyen said that the reach of YouTube Shorts “has been fairly amazing… I’m a girl from Kansas who can communicate with individuals in the United Kingdom, Australia, and India. ”

Sherman stated that in terms of the ongoing development of YouTube Shorts products, the team is primarily focused on two main areas: building creator tools that empower anyone to create and find an audience, and refining the viewer experience to ensure that people find the most relevant Shorts and discover new creators. In other words, the team is working to make sure that anyone can create and find an audience.

YouTube has continued to adjust Shorts depending on input from content creators and patterns of user engagement. For instance, the initial version of Shorts had buttons at the bottom of the screen that let users to “like,” “comment,” and “share” content. YouTube discovered that its visitors have a very strong preference for a vertical layout, thus the website has been updated to reflect this choice.

On watch pages, YouTube Shorts has included a new option labelled “create,” which enables users to generate their own short videos based on the audio from the videos they are now viewing (including on core YouTube, if the creator of the original video has given permission). Additionally, Shorts has improved the audio picker by including new features including the capability to choose genres and bookmark sounds.

YouTube is looking on a number of different methods to make the service more intelligent about the Shorts films it delivers to individual users in order to improve the content discoverability of the website. “We may not know that you are into woodworking, but if we put a few movies in front of you, we may find out that you are,” Sherman said. “We may not know that you are into woodworking.” “The key is to figure out how to get videos in front of as many people as possible,” As shown above, from left to right: YouTube videos created by Jake Feldman, Dental Digest, and Lisa Nguyen (in alphabetical order)

The animations of Fell man began as short video riffs on the computer game “Among Us” in the previous year, and they were followed by “Minecraft” at the beginning of this year. More recently, he has made eerie video based on Netflix’s “Squid Game,” and in the near future, he hopes to dig into horror content such as “Slender Man” and “Five Nights at Freddy’s.” We are in the process of working out how best to partner-manage these individuals. On January 26, 2021, Dental Digest published its first YouTube Shorts video. The video was named “Disclosing Time:

World’s Spiciest Toothpaste: Samyang Spicy Chicken Ramen Toothpaste,” and it was uploaded to YouTube. The majority of the movies he creates are concise demonstrations of dental products, as well as suggestions on how to properly clean and floss one’s teeth. He has experimented with a variety of toothbrushes, such as those with Among Us and Minions themes. Before he became famous, he demonstrated what happens to your teeth on a revealing tablet when they are not properly cleaned in October of 2020.

Dental Digest
Phone NumberNA
House address (residence address)Chicago, Illinois
Official WebsiteNA
Snapchat IdNA
Whatsapp No.Not Available
Personal No.N/A
Instagram Id
Facebook IdNA
Tinder IdN/A
Twitter Id
Email AddressNA
Office NumberNA


Best Methods to Contact Dental Digest:

It is simpler to contact Dental Digest with the below-written contact ways. We have composed the authenticated and verified communications methods data as given below:

1. Dental Digest TikTok: 

Dental Digest has TikTok Account is on his own title name. His is posting her videos regularly. Follow Dental Digest on TikTok and also get the latest updates and video recordings from his account.

2. Dental Digest Instagram:

Instagram is the most used social media platform. You will get a bio of each and a very famous personality over Instagram. Even you can make contact with them through direct messages by using it. Likewise, you can utilize Instagram to see the Dental Digest Insta profile and his latest pictures.

3. Dental Digest Facebook: NA

Facebook is also the most famous social media platform. You can get the bio of each and every famous personality on Facebook. You can also contact them through direct messages. Likewise, you can use Facebook to see Dental Digest’s Facebook profile and his new pictures.

4. Dental Digest Twitter:

It is simpler to find and contact famous personalities by using the popular social media app Twitter. You can tweet using her Twitter id so that he could view your tweet and reply back to you with relevant answers.

5. Dental Digest Phone Number, House Address, Email

Here we discuss the most common contact methods like the phone number of Dental Digest, email address, and his fanmail address.

Phone number: NA
Email id: NA

Dental Digest Fanmail address:

Dental Digest

Chicago, Illinois

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