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Miss Bee Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Autograph Request and Contact Details

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If you want to know about Miss Bee real phone number and also look for Miss Bee email and fanmail address then, you are at the correct place! We are going to give you the contact information of Miss Bee like her phone number, email address, and Fanmail address details.

Miss Bee Contact Details:

REAL NAME: Gabriela Umika Burgos
DOB: 9, 2006
PROFESSION: YouTube Personality, Singer, and TikTok Personality
FATHER: Andrés Burgos
MOTHER: Rossana Burgos
SIBLINGS: Roberto Burgos
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/gabrielabee/
TWITTER: https://mobile.twitter.com/gabrielabee
YOUTUBE CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-BK208At_VuA_YUBnNoNjQ

Miss Bee Bio

After her birth on September 9, 2006, Gabriela Bee was officially recognised and given the name Gabriela Umika Burgos. She is a member of the Eh Bee family, which is a group of Canadian internet superstars most recognised for their presence on the social media platforms Vine, YouTube, and Instagram. Their aggregate following across all platforms exceeds 7 million subscribers, and their videos have been seen in excess of 2 billion times.

In January of 2013, the Eh Bee Family made their debut with the publication of vines on their family’s Facebook page. They achieved a level of success on Vine that allowed them to make it their primary source of income. They are present on a variety of social media sites, including Vine, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, amongst others. Burgos is a Canadian girl that was born on September 9, 2006, in the nation that is her birthplace. Burgos is now 13 years old. On September 9 of each and every year, Bee’s family and friends get together to celebrate her birthday. She will become 14 years old on September 9 in the year 2021, making her birthday that day.

This is the online persona of a Canadian individual who has an average height and body type. She has a height of 5 feet 3 inches and weighs around 119 pounds (54 kg). Gabriela Umrika Burgos is the daughter of Andrés Burgos, commonly known as Papa Bee, and Rossana Burgos, also known as Mama Bee. Gabriela Umrika Burgos is originally from Canada, and she is now residing in the United States. Andres B. and his wife, Rosanna, were the ones who first uploaded videos to the YouTube channel known as “Eh Bee.” This is where Gabriela’s father first got notoriety online.

Andres B is an outstanding Viner, vlogger, and YouTuber who has accumulated over one million followers on the platform Vine. Gabriela’s older brother, also named Mr. Bee, is often referred to by that moniker (Roberto Burgos). Gabriela Bee is the stage name used by Gabriela Bee, who is a Canadian music singer, Internet personality, and YouTuber. It is believed that Gabriela Bee has a net worth of $500,000.

She is the youngest member of the Eh Bee family, which consists of Canadian internet superstars most known for their channels on Vine, YouTube, and Instagram, in addition to their other social media accounts. She herself is the youngest member of the Eh Bee family. Gabriela Umrika Burgos is a member of the Eh Bee family, which is comprised of Canadian internet personalities best known for their Vine, YouTube, and Instagram channels. These channels have amassed more than 7 million cumulative subscribers and well over 2 billion total views between them. In addition to her career as a musical artist, Gabriela Umrika Burgos is also a member of the Eh Bee family.

They called out a small game streamer known as Kilim for making inappropriate sexual comments about their daughter Gabriela Burgos, who is 15 years old, and the daughter of the Bee Family, who are superstars on YouTube. To far, she has not been honored with any honors. In addition, we have a limited understanding of the things she has accomplished in the past. However, due to their extraordinary potential that she has, we believe that she will soon be the recipient of a lot of accolades in the near future.

Since joining YouTube in 2013, while they were still going by the name “Eh Bee Family,” The Bee Family has gathered a following of around 9.5 million people who watch their videos there. They often post films of their families, as well as content related to lifestyle and competitions. Both of the couple’s adolescents, Gabor and Roberto, have their own YouTube channels, with Gabor’s channel having 1.9 million followers and Roberto’s channel having 600,000 members.

The kilim has amassed 34,400 followers on his gaming channel on YouTube, where his gaming live broadcasts have been broadcasting for the last three years. Despite the fact that the video containing Kilim’s offensive comments has been removed, The Bee Family has incorporated portions of it in their film titled “Dear Kilik…Only She’s 15,” which was published on January 28 and captioned “Dear Kilik…” When talking to Gabriela’s brother Roberto, a 16-year-old gamer who goes by the name McBee and with whom he was having an altercation, he said the following:

Kilik makes sexual comments about her, including referring to her as having been “gang banged,” after searching for her Instagram account and making the comments. “Everything about it is insulting, and it’s nasty, and it’s rude,” she said. Keep in mind that he is speaking to our youngster about his sister, so you must take that into account. So let’s imagine you’re a child who’s 16 years old and you overhear someone talking about his sister in a way that sounds something like this: The video features Gabriela’s mother sharing her thoughts and emotions. She said that he had tried to join another platform, and she contacted YouTube to make a request that Kilik’s channel is removed. She made it clear that they would “be there too” in the event that he tried to join another website.

On the same day that the Bee Family published their video, Kilik issued a statement with the heading “Dear The Bee Family…The Truth.” In this message, he stated that his statements were “wrong, horribly wrong, and offensive towards your daughter.” He went into great detail about his disagreement with Gabriela’s brother Roberto, accusing him of “hate raiding” his Livestream, which is a technique in which streamers instruct their followers to invade another’s a stream and flood it with abusive or critical comments, and explaining how he arrived at that conclusion. He also went into great detail about how he came to disagree with Gabriela’s brother Roberto.

Kilik said that the two had gotten into a fight on several occasions and insulted one another’s family members during those fights. He claimed that his words were made in “retaliation,” and he accused Roberto of “harassing” him by continuously joining his streams. He stated that his statements were made in “retaliation.” He said that he had made such words before he was aware of Gabriela’s age, and he issued many apologies for those statements.

On January 30, a second video, which was published on Kilik’s YouTube account and titled “My Apology to Gabriela Bee and My Response to the Bee Family Video,” was made available for viewing. He referred to the idea that his comment about “gang banging” was a reference to rape as “bizarre,” and he accused The Bee Family of reading his words “out of context.” He said this in reaction to the thought that his statement was a reference to rape. In addition to this, he claimed that they were spreading “misinformation” about his age when they first said that he was 19 years old.

After then, Kilik proceeded to give Gabriela a more in-depth explanation of his feelings of remorse. Kilik expressed his remorse by saying, “I really sorry for voicing it.” “I’m hoping everything is fine with you at this time.” Eh, Bee Family is well-known for publishing high-quality content that is appropriate for all members of the family to enjoy. Residents of the residence include Andrés Burgos, also known as Papa Bee, his wife Rossana Burgos, also known as Mama Bee, their son Roberto Burgos, who is well-known in the community as Mr. Monkey, and their daughter Gabriela Burgos, who is also known as Miss Monkey.

Kilik said that he had been threatened with death by people who liked The Bee Family’s Instagram account, and he claimed that he had received a purported screenshot of an Instagram post that included offensive and profane language. He scolded Gabriela’s parents for their video, which gave the impression that they were making fun of his appearance, and he accused them of “utilizing this for the material.” The next day, on January 31, a video named “Let me talk” was uploaded on YouTube. In it, Roberto accused Kilik of “making all this drama on his channel,” while Gabriela said that she felt “targeted” by Kilik’s words. Both of these accusations were made in a video titled “Let me speak.”

She made it clear that the fact that I am a female does not give anybody the right to objectify me in any way. Gabriela Umika Burgos was born in Canada. The Burgos family lives in the country, and her parents are Andrés Burgos, also known as Papa Bee, and Rossana Burgos, also known as Mama Bee. She is their daughter. Andres B, Gabriela’s father, is an accomplished user of the social media platforms Vine, vlog, and YouTube. Together with their friends and family, he and his wife Rosanna launched the YouTube channel under the name “Eh Bee.”

You should be aware of the following information on Gabriela, which includes a summary of some fascinating facts as well as bodily measurements. According to a study from Forbes Magazine, Canadian music artist, YouTuber, and Internet sensation Gabriela Bee has a net worth that is projected to be in the range of $500,000 dollars. Gabriela Bee is also known as Gabriela Bee. She is the youngest member of the Eh Bee family when it comes to her status as a prominent online personality. They are from Canada, and their popularity stems mostly from their presence on the social media platforms Vine, YouTube, and Instagram.


Gabriela Umika Burgos, a singer, is a member of the Eh Bee family. The Eh Bee family is comprised of a group of Canadian internet personalities who are best known for their channels on Vine, YouTube, and Instagram. Collectively, these channels have more than 7 million subscribers and more than 2 billion views. The “Eh Bee Family” is a collective moniker for a collection of online celebrities from Canada who are most recognized for their Vine content. They eventually dominated YouTube and Instagram as well. More than seven million people are subscribed to the family group’s channel, and more than two billion people have seen their videos.

In addition to the patriarch, other members of the family include Rossana Burgos, also known as “mother Bee,” her son Roberto Burgos, also known as “Mr. Bee/Mr. Monkey,” and her youngest daughter Gabriela Burgos (Miss Monkey). This article will devote greater attention to discussing them. The band has gained a significant number of followers as a result of the development of humorous sketches and parodies that are appropriate for all ages. Gabriela is the youngest member of the group and a celebrity on YouTube. She is also the youngest member of the group individually.

She also posts singing videos to her account on YouTube, which is simply titled “Miss Bee.” She has already published her song, which is simply titled “Dancing by Myself,” and it is available on several platforms. When she was still very little, a lot of people who watched the YouTube channel that her family maintained began to notice her amusing jokes. In addition to that, she has been featured in publications such as the New York Daily News, Good Morning America, and BuzzFeed. In addition to that, they were put forth for consideration for the Shorty Award in 2016 and the Stream Award in 2015.

Miss Bee Contact Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website
Phone NumberNA
House address (residence address)Canada
Official WebsiteNA
Snapchat IdNA
Whatsapp No.NA
TicTok IdNA
Email AddressNA
Office addressNA
Office NumberNA


Best Methods to Contact Miss Bee:

It is simpler to contact Miss Bee with the below-written contact ways. We have composed the authenticated and verified communications methods data as given below:

1. Miss Bee TikTok: NA

Miss Bee has TikTok Account is on her own title name. Her is posting her videos regularly. Follow Miss Bee on TikTok and also get the latest updates and video recordings from her account.

2. Miss Bee Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gabrielabee/

Instagram is the most used social media platform. You will get a bio of each and a very famous personality over Instagram. Even you can make contact with them through direct messages by using it. Likewise, you can utilize Instagram to see the Miss Bee Insta profile and her latest pictures.

3. Miss Bee Facebook: NA

Facebook is also the most famous social media platform. You can get the bio of each and every famous personality on Facebook. You can also contact them through direct messages. Likewise, you can use Facebook to see Miss Bee’s Facebook profile and her new pictures.

4. Miss Bee Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/gabrielabee

It is simpler to find and contact famous personalities by using the popular social media app Twitter. You can tweet using her Twitter id so that he could view your tweet and reply back to you with relevant answers.

5. Miss Bee Phone Number, House Address, Email

Here we discuss the most common contact methods like the phone number of Miss Bee, email address, and her fanmail address.

Phone number: NA
Email id: NA

Miss Bee Fanmail address:

Gabriela Bee

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