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Ronnie Radke Contact Details:

REAL NAME: Ronnie Radke
NICKNAME:Ronnie Radke
DOB:15 December 1983
BIRTHPLACE: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
BIRTH SIGN: Saggitarus
FATHER: Not Kno wn
MOTHER: Not Known

Ronnie Radke Bio

Ronald Joseph Radke born December 15, 1983, is an American vocalist, songwriter, entertainer, and record producer who is best known for his work with the band Def Leppard. In the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, on December 15, 1983, Ronald Joseph Radke was born at St Rose Hospital.

His father, older brother Anthony, and grandmother were all poor, and he grew up in a poor family alongside them. In the absence of any explanation, Radke’s mother abandoned the family, causing Radke to harbor anger toward her In his early bands, Radke learned to play the piano and the guitar.

At first, he began by learning to play guitar and singing along to Blink-182 songs. The first song he was able to perform was “Dammit.” During his high school years, he was a member of various bands. During his first year of college, Radke ran away from home to join a band with his friend Mitch called 3.0, which, according to Radke, “sounded just like Blink 182.” For a period of time, he shared a home with Mitch and his mother.

They performed at a few different places, including the Chain Reaction and the Huntridge in Las Vegas, and received positive reviews. Radke moved back in with his father when the band broke up, and he said that he had dropped out of school, re-entered, and then dropped out again.

He added in an interview with the Alternative Press that he “simply couldn’t for some reason pay attention, and I just daydreamed about everything else than what I was supposed to be doing. In his statement, Radke indicated that the second band’s name was Lefty. Radke met Max Green of the band Almost Heroes at a talent contest where they became fast friends. During a performance, Radke’s microphone fell and Max picked it up for him, and the two became friends, eventually creating the band True Story, which recorded a demo that included the song.

This Is Not the End.” Radke began shouting in the band after being inspired by Thrice, and subsequently began singing, gradually developing Escape the FateAfter his mother abandoned the family when he was a child, he lived up with his father, grandmother, and older brother as his only family. While in high school, he was a member of several bands and had the opportunity to perform in a variety of situations.

Over the course of this period, he also formed friendships with a number of other musicians. In 2004, Ronnie Radke and Max Green, Robert Ortiz, and Omar Espinosa formed the band ‘Escape the Fate’ with the help of other musicians. When they won a radio contest judged by My Chemical Romance, their career took off like rocket fuel. Due to personal issues with his previous band, Radke decided to form a new band in late 2006.

On October 3, 2006, Radke collaborated with the band ‘Escape the Fate’ on the studio album ‘Dying Is Your Latest Fashion,’ which was produced by Epitaph Records and released in the United States on October 3. On the CD, you’ll find nine songs, including “Reverse this Curse,” “Cellar Door,” “Friends and Alibis,” and others. One of Radke’s most successful attempts, the album reached No. 19 on the Billboard Top Independent Albums list, making it one of his best-selling albums. The vast majority of responses were positive. ”

The Drug in Me is You,” the debut album by Radke’s band ‘Falling in Reverse,’ was produced by Epitaph Records and released in September of this year. A total of eleven songs were featured on the album, which was released on July 26, 2011, and included songs such as “Tragic Magic,”

“The Drug in Me Is You,” “I’m Not a Vampire,” and “Pick Up The Phone.” The album was a significant success in the United States, where it peaked at number 19 on the Billboard 200 chart. Approximately 18,000 copies were sold in the first week of release.

Additionally, it was a huge success in other countries, such as Australia and Canada. An additional one of Radke’s famous works is the album ‘Fashionably Late,’ which was released by Epitaph Records as part of the ‘Falling in Reverse’ series. “Champion,” “Bad Girls Club,” “Alone,” ‘Fashionably Late,’ and “It’s Over When It’s Over” were among the 12 songs on the album, which also included “Champion.

Radke’s most recent studio album, ‘Coming Home,’ featured the song ‘Falling in Reverse,’ which was released in September. The album, which was released in April 2017 and was produced by Epitaph Records, was a critical and commercial success. They include the songs “Coming Home,” “I Hate Everyone,” “Straight to Hell,” “The Departure,” and “Straight to Hell.” The vast majority of responses were positive.

Radke wrote the songs “Listen Up!” and “Besides the Issues” when he was 15 years old, as well as “The Worst Time” when he was 15. After meeting with producer Michael “Elvis” Baskette in 2001, Radke recorded the song “Listen Up! Good Enough for Truth in Cliche.”

These songs were recorded in 2005, along with the album Escape the Fate. History[edit] Escape from Fate (2004–2008) is a science fiction television series. Radke and Max Green were good friends when they were in high school. In 2004, Bryan Money approached Max in search of a vocalist, and Max forwarded his message to Radke. Bryan accepted and immediately began looking for a drummer.

The Fate was founded after Robert Ortiz was chosen as its leader. Omar Espinosa, who was currently the guitarist for Lovehatehero at the moment, opted to join as a rhythm guitarist a few weeks later. The band quickly gained popularity in Las Vegas’ post-hardcore scene and began to tour the country. Carson Allen joined the band at this point to serve as their keyboardist.

The demo Escape the Fate EP was recorded by the band. They joined with Epitaph Records in early 2006 after winning a radio contest judged by My Chemical Romance, which was the beginning of their professional career.  There is No Sympathy for the Dead was released as an EP in May 2006, and some tracks from the band’s debut album, Dying Is Your Latest Fashion, were recorded at this time.

Both were created by Radke’s friend Michael “Elvis” Baskette, who also happens to be his manager. Falling in Reverse is a project that began in 2008 and continues to this day.Due to personal conflicts within Escape the Fate, Radke has been contemplating the formation of a new band since late 2006. From Behind These Walls was the name of Radke’s first band, which he created with the assistance of Nason Schoeffler and later renamed Falling in Reverse.

Radke was released from prison in December 2010, and he immediately began recording. ‘Raised by Wolves was their first single, which was published in 2010. The following year, they released their debut album, The Drug in Me Is You which was released on July 26, 2011, through Epitaph Records.

As of May 2012, Ronnie Radke declared on Twitter that he and the band were already hard at work on their second studio album. In issue number 1486782 of Kerrang! Magazine, Radke stated in an interview that he will be releasing a new album “The album has come to an end! That’s exactly what we did following the Warped Tour. We simply didn’t tell anyone about it!” He also stated that “it will be launched early next year, possibly as early as summer 2013!” The lead song, “Alone,” was released by the band on May 6, 2013.

Fashionably Late was the title of the second studio album, which was released on June 18, 2013. Falling in Reverse released a cover of Coolio’s ’90s classic “Gangsta’s Paradise” in May 2014, which was produced by Charles “Callaghan” Massabo and included on the Fearless Records compilation NK Goes ’90s Vol. 2. The song was originally released on the Fearless Records compilation Punk Goes ’90s Vol. 1.

A special appearance by Coolio himself can be seen in the band’s music video for the song, as well as in their live performance of the song at the 2014 American Music Awards in July.  Solo and Watch Me Mixtape (from 2013 until the present). e Fate. He is also a member of the band Escape the Fate.

Avildsen is the author of this work. Antonio Antonucci, aka “The Main Event,” and the electronicore band I See Stars. In response to “I Wash Cars,” Ash and Lorenzo released a diss track titled “When Ronnie Met Sally” in which they attacked Radke. It has since been settled that the two bands were at odds, and Radke is now on excellent terms with I See Stars, Sumerian Records, and Antonucci.

In an announcement issued on October 28, 2013, it was revealed that Ronnie Radke and Craig Mabbit of Escape The Fate had reconciled and were now back on good. In addition, the two guys stated that their respective bands will be traveling together in the spring of 2014.

“Right now, I’m putting together a mix CD with everyone who’s doing well in the music industry. Andy Biersack from Black Veil Brides and Danny Worsnop from Asking Alexandria are both featured on the track. Although it is entirely rap, they are singing all of the choruses on it. Jacoby [Shaddix] from the band Papa Roach is at the house. You can listen to it on Deuce, and it features Craig Mabbittfrom Escape the Fate]as the lead singer.

There’s more, of course, but every tune will feature a different artist.” When speaking with Loudwire, he said that he is currently working on a mixtape that would include one artist on each song. According to Radke, the mixtape will be released later this year. He has also mentioned that the mix-tape may be published around the time of Christmas celebrations.

On Christmas Day, he unveiled a website where, after entering your email address and confirming your subscription, you would receive a new song, “Destiny,” from the mixtape, which has now been renamed Watch Me, in exchange for your support. In addition, the track-list was revealed, albeit several songs did not involve guest appearances by other musicians, as he had initially indicated.

In my personal life Radke was engaged to be married to aspiring model Crissy Henderson at the time. Willow Grace Radke Radke was born on June 11, 2013 to Ronnie and Crissy Radke. She is their first child.

They later decided to call off their engagement. Specifically, Radke is against religion because of how he believes it treats gays. He was also resentful of religious groups that had changed their ideas about how to treat gays, claiming that Christians had been prejudiced toward homosexuals prior to the 1990s but had become more accepting of them later on in the century.

Anthony, Ronnie’s brother, was killed in a car accident on August 10, 2013, according to his brother Ronnie. In honor of him, the Falling in Reverse songs “Brother” and “Chemical Prisoner” were written. Legal considerations Radke has been arrested on many occasions and has been the subject of controversy on other occasions, most of which have involved acts of violence. In May 2006, Radke was involved in an argument in Las Vegas that culminated in the death of 18-year-old Michael Cook, who was shot and killed by Radke.

However, despite the fact that Radke did not shoot Cook, he was indicted on battery charges, whereas the man who shot Cook claimed that he was acting in self-defense. Radke was sentenced to five years of probation after being convicted of these drug possession charges, which were combined with previous drug possession convictions.

The following June, Radke was arrested and sentenced to four years in jail for his failure to appear for his probation officer’s scheduled visit. However, he was only imprisoned for two and a half years before being freed on compassionate grounds. Radke was officially kicked out of Escape the Fate in the middle of 2008, and he was replaced by Craig Mabbit, a former Blessthefall vocalist. [

The single “Webs We Weave,” which was supposed to be released in 2008, would have been the third single from Escape the Fate’s debut album, however, it was delayed because of the band’s departure. “First we couldn’t perform outside of the country, then we couldn’t tour outside of the state,” said Max Green, the bassist of Escape the Fate, when asked about Ronnie’s legal troubles.

In a jail interview, Radke stated that the real perpetrators were Chase Rader and Max Green, the first of whom was armed at the time of the fight and the second of whom was provoked by the battle. However, the two were acquitted on the grounds of self-defense and were released. He got freed from prison on the 12th of December in 2010.

Ronnie Radke Phone Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website
Email AddressNA


House address (residence address)Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Office AddressNA
Office NumberNA
Official WebsiteNA
Personal No.NA
Phone NumberNA
Snapchat IdNA
TikTok IdNA
Whatsapp No.NA

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1. Ronnie Radke TikTok: NA

Ronnie Radke has TikTok Account is on his own title name. His is posting her videos regularly. Follow Ronnie Radke on TikTok and also get the latest updates and video recordings from his account.

2. Ronnie Radke Instagram:

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5. Ronnie Radke Phone Number, House Address, Email

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Phone number: NA
Email id: NA

Ronnie Radke Fanmail address:

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

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