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Stunna 4 Vegas Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Autograph Request and Contact Details

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If you want to know about Stunna 4 Vegas real phone number and also look for Stunna 4 Vegas email and fanmail address then, you are at the correct place! We are going to give you the contact information of Stunna 4 Vegas like his phone number, email address, and Fanmail address details.

Stunna 4 Vegas Contact Details:

REAL NAME: Stunna 4 Vegas
NICKNAME: Stunna 4 Vegas
DOB: 1 January 1996 (age 26 years)
BIRTHPLACE: Salisbury, North Carolina, United States
BIRTH SIGN: Capricorn
PROFESSION: American rapper
FATHER: Not Known
MOTHER: Not Known

Stunna 4 Vegas Bio

Stunna 4 Vegas is a rapper from North Carolina who takes a rough and combative attitude to his music. His style is inspired by other Southern artists like T.I. and Gucci Mane. Within a short period of time, he progressed from being an ambitious teenager MC to being a known underground figure and eventually signing with a big label. Stunna made his commercial full-length debut with Big 4x (2019), and shortly after, he entered the Top 30 of the Billboard 200 with Rich Youngin. Before then, he had built up a significant library of mixtapes and stray singles, and he collaborated with DaBaby on the single “Animal” (2020).

Stunna, whose real name is Khalick Caldwell, began his career as a rapper during his senior year of high school in his hometown of Salisbury, North Carolina, which is located between the cities of Winston-Salem and Charlotte. Simply known as Stunna, he achieved some kind of success on his own with the release of music such as 4 Way or No Way and Stunna Season 2. Later in the year of 2018, he sought DaBaby out for a guest verse on the track “Animal,” and as a result, he signed with the Billion Dollar Baby label, which is owned by the emerging Charlotte artist. Both Stunna and DaBaby kept working together in the recording studio, and ultimately they were both signed to big label contracts with Interscope.

In May of 2019, Stunna made his debut with Interscope with the release of his full-length album titled Big 4x. The album debuted at position number 50 on the Billboard 200 and included DaBaby on the tracks “Ashley” and “Sticks,” Offset on the track “4th of July,” Lil Durk on the track “Durkio,” as well as further collaborations with NLE Choppa and Young Nudy. After just eight months had passed, Stunna came back with 2020’s Rich Youngin. It was accompanied by lines from DaBaby and Lil Baby on the main tune “Do Dat,” which helped the song reach number 29.

Hip hop singer best known for hits such “Animal,” “Hitn4”, and “Punch Me In Pt. 3,” he is known for his occasionally conversational flow, which has made him renowned in the industry. Stunna Season 2 and 4 Way or No Way are two of the mixtapes that he has released. Before Fame During his time at the high school, he developed an interest in the rap music business. Boot Up, his first mixtape, was released in 2017. Trivia The South Coast Music Group LLC label was responsible for releasing his song “Animal.” The song video became quite popular online. The meaning of family life The city of Salisbury in North Carolina is his hometown. The man has a child. Connections Made With He is someone who has worked with the fellow rapper DaBaby.

He adheres to the Christian faith and is of American nationality. He was born in the United States. He graduated from a local high school in Salisbury, which is located in North Carolina, United States, and had his early education there. After that, he decided to enrol at Loval College, where he ultimately earned his degree and finished his education. From the very beginning of his life, he was always more interested in singing and participating in a wide variety of extracurricular activities than he was in academics.

In 2018, rapper DaBaby worked with Stunna on a single collectively referred to as “Animal.” The track was officially uploaded to DaBaby’s channel, and the accompanying music video was a tremendous hit. Billion Dollar Entertainment, which is DaBaby’s record company, officially signed Stunna after observing the reaction, and he was featured on one of his other tracks, “4X,” from the mixtape “Blank Blank,” 2018, which was released in 2018. On 2019, Caldwell worked on a mixtape album with Asian Da Brat called “Unfuccwitable.” He was included in the song “I Love IT,” and at the same time, he was being featured on other tracks mixtapes as well like DaBaby.

Only Stunna 4 Vegas released his first album under the label BIG 4X in 2019, and it includes guest appearances from various rappers such as DaBaby, Young Nudy, Lil Durk, NLE Choppa, and Offset. The song “Really” by DaBaby, on which Antonio contributed, was included on Antonio’s first commercial album “Kirk,” which debuted at number 63 on the US Billboard 200 chart. The year 2020 saw the release of Antonio’s second album, “Rich Youngin,” which included contributions from DaBaby, Blac Youngsta, Offset, and Lil Baby. The album debuted at number 29 on the Billboard 200 chart in the United States.

During his senior year of high school, he discovered the wonder of pop music and began his career as a rapper just as he was getting ready to apply to colleges. It wasn’t long before he became a well-known figure in North Carolina when he began drawing large audiences in the parking lot just outside the school. After some time, he relocated from North Carolina to Florida, where he started really pursuing his profession. As we have already explained to you. As he began his profession as a writer, he began by penning works for other authors. He had the ambition to become a hip-hop artist from an early age, but nobody was willing to take a risk on him, and those who did listen were only interested in his lyrics.

Since my only exposure to Stunna 4 Vegas has been via his guest appearances on the albums of other rappers, I figured it was about time I gave S4V the credit he deserves by checking out his album “Welcome to 4 Vegas.” However, I did have some apprehensions about it since on at least one list that was extensively disseminated, he was ranked as high as No. 4 on a made-up top 50 of the worst rappers of all time. After looking through that list, I can state with certainty that there are a great many bad rappers who were not even considered for inclusion. Where can I get Icefish? Where does 7K Tha God fit in? Given that artists like as Ludacris, G Herbo, Logic, and 21 Savage are included on the list, its legitimacy can hardly be questioned. I can’t for the life of me take it seriously for even a second, but I did find myself wondering what Vegas could have possibly done to deserve such vitriol.

There is nothing in “HARD” that leads me to believe that the rapper from North Carolina should be ranked at No. 4 in the country. Even if the rhythm is simply “aight,” and the bars aren’t the finest I’ve ever heard, he’s spitting clearly, and he’s keeping the speed down with no problem at all. He is not stumbling over his words, his voice is not autotuned, and he is not punched in. He is perfectly well. “I kick her out like martial arts. Her nigga broke, but that’s his responsibility. I make her spread her legs wide.” (I kick her out like martial arts) Even if he has no discernible sense of taste and is offensive to women, this neither makes him especially excellent nor very awful. Although he sounds very much like other rappers who are attempting to be signed to record labels, he is already signed to Interscope, which means that he has already made it to the top level of the music industry. I want to congratulate S4V.


On tracks like “Gun Smoke,” S4V is able to differentiate himself from some of his contemporaries because, at the very least, to his preference for minimalist instrumentals with a strong emphasis on the bass thud. There is an obvious amount of influence coming from what drill and grime artists are doing, and that’s okay because North Carolina is more than capable of performing what Chicago and London do all day if Vegas is any indicator. The subject matter is exactly what one would anticipate based on the name of the song: Vegas brags about what he’s got in his bag and threatens to hurt you if you make the mistake of getting in his way.

However, considering that he collaborated with DaBaby on a song titled “Rich Off Words,” this certainly shouldn’t as as much of a surprise as it does. However, Kirk was able to avoid the allegation by arguing that he was acting in self-defense. Let’s hope that it never even comes to Vegas having to draw a tool and demonstrate that he is a man of his word. The majority of tracks on Stunna 4 Vegas clock in at under three minutes, but not all of them are on the very short end of the spectrum, where you could listen to the whole album in under twenty. Although “Welcome to 4 Vegas” clocks in at little over a half hour, which is healthy by today’s standards, it may not seem like it’s long enough to listen to while playing the games he raps on since it’s so short.

If you are playing Grand Theft Auto 3, 4, or 5 while listening to “GTA,” your session will continue for a significant amount of time after both the song and the album have ended. You could leave the whole album playing on a loop and listen to it four times before you needed to stop and use the restroom. After coming to the conclusion that he would not be as successful in athletics, Stunna chose to avoid hanging out in the streets and instead started writing his own rhymes. Despite this, Stunna 4 Vegas continued to participate in his high school’s basketball and football teams up to the point when he had his big break. After finishing his schooling, he went on to achieve success in the music industry with songs such as “Ashley,” “Animal,” and “Go Stupid,” which featured Polo G and NLE Choppa. Stunna 4 hasn’t slowed down yet despite the fact that their success didn’t come quickly and they had to work hard to get it.

The native of North Carolina enters with a snippy and aggressive personality that is inspired by local Southerners like as T.I. and Gucci Mane. Within a short period of time, he went from being an ambitious young MC to being a renowned underground figure and eventually signing with a big label. Stunna signed a contract with the up-and-coming Charlotte artist’s Billion Dollar Baby label in the year 2018. Both Stunna and DaBaby kept working in the studio together. As a direct consequence of this, both of them signed big label contracts with Interscope. Even after being a member of the roster, Sunna’s star continues to soar in the hip-hop world.

FNF Chop, a rapper from Richmond, Virginia who is 23 years old, collaborates with Stunna 4 Vegas on his new track “Best Friend.” Both artists provide high-octane excitement as they exchange bars over a hard-hitting bass groove, which was produced by Gringo, who is a regular collaborator with both of them. Listen to “Best Friend” by clicking HERE, and see the music video directed by Domico Phillips by clicking HERE.

A new song by Chop titled “Make Believe” was released one month ago. On it, the rapper displayed his raw street bars and his one-of-a-kind, hard-hitting flow. In addition, the song “Draw Down” was published by Chop near the close of the previous year. The music video was rapidly able to amass more than 320 thousand views on YouTube. Cabell was the one who produced it, and Domico Phillips was the one who directed it. Additionally, Pharrell co-signed Chop on Other Tone twice for the song “Walk Down,” which you can see being performed HERE and HERE. During one of the episodes, Pharrell says, “I like is the guy FNF Chop, he have a song called ‘Walk Down,’ dude, that shh*t be going so hard.”

While Chop was incarcerated, he became aware of his internet sensation. The rapper, who was just just freed from the Richmond City Jail in Virginia, reveals, “I was in here just chillin’.” “All of a sudden, I began receiving new fans.” The dominating song “Walk Down” that Chop had unexpectedly created in 2019 had burst on TikTok the following year when it was released. The musician searched through the application and discovered hundreds of clips that were set to his composition. Within a few of months, there were over 100,000 more videos utilising the single, which resulted in more than one million views.

FNF Chop intends music for the future, as seen by the No Exit EP that will be released in 2021, while maintaining that his legal problems are a thing of the past. The skilled young rapper who has a lot of street knowledge proclaims, “I’m not okay with being okay; I’m not comfortable with being comfortable.” [Case in point] The beginning of Chop’s journey may be traced back to Baltimore, Maryland, the home where he and his six siblings were nurtured by their single mother. The streets were a cruel and terrible place to be once one left the safety of their homes. The family struggled to make ends meet and often sought refuge in homeless shelters. Remembering that Family Never Folds is the purpose of the abbreviation FNF. From a young age forward, music served as a kind of therapeutic escape.

“Depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues have always been a battle for me. I’d put my headphones in front of my CD player and spend some time listening to music and breaking down the rhythms. Chop’s mother moved the family to a low-income neighbourhood in Richmond, Virginia, while Chop was in his teenage years. As he neared adulthood, Chop felt pressure to produce. “I devised a strategy to improve matters for my family after analyzing the scenario. I made an effort to relieve some of the strain that my brothers and my mother were experiencing. In the beginning, Chop lived on the streets, which ultimately resulted in his doing many sentences in jail. Chop found a gift that remained dormant inside him when he was serving time in the middle of the 2010s.

I was bored, so I decided to compose some raps instead of doing anything else. Soon after, he demonstrated his abilities to other convicts as well as those who were on the outside. “I never really imagined I’d take it further than that,” the songwriter said, “but then people really reacted to my songs.” Chop was ready for work when he got out of prison. Up to this point, he has distributed seven singles, the most of which have been massive hits. He has had more than 30 million copies of his music downloaded. He is active across the board in terms of social media channels. On various social media sites, he enjoys the support of three million people’s followers. He has followed a battle that has more than one million participants on Twitter alone.

He has gifted his mother and father with many pieces of real estate in the state of North Carolina. It is estimated that a total of 500,000 dollars may be made by selling those homes. During this time, he calls an apartment in Miami, Florida, home. Florida that arrived with a pile of nine hundred thousand dollars in cash.

Stunna 4 Vegas
Phone Number+1(978)662-8886
House address (residence address)Salisbury, North Carolina, United States
Official WebsiteNA
Snapchat IdNA
Whatsapp No.NA
TicTok IdNA
Email AddressNA
Office addressNA
Office NumberNA

Best Methods to Contact Stunna 4 Vegas :

It is simpler to contact Stunna 4 Vegas with the below-written contact ways. We have composed the authenticated and verified communications methods data as given below:

1. Stunna 4 Vegas TikTok: NA

Stunna 4 Vegas has TikTok Account on his own title name. He is posting his videos regularly. Follow Stunna 4 Vegas on TikTok and also get the latest updates and video recordings from his account.

2. Stunna 4 Vegas Instagram:

Instagram is the most used social media platform. You will get a bio of each and a very famous personality over Instagram. Even you can make contact with them through direct messages using it. Likewise, you can utilize Instagram to see the Stunna 4 Vegas Insta profile and his latest pictures.

3. Stunna 4 Vegas Facebook:

Facebook is also the most famous social media platform. You can get the bio of each and every famous personality on Facebook. You can also contact them through direct messages. Likewise, you can use Facebook to see Stunna 4 Vegas ‘s Facebook profile and his new pictures.

4. Stunna 4 Vegas Twitter:

It is simpler to find and contact famous personalities by using the popular social media app Twitter. You can tweet using her Twitter id so that he could view your tweet and reply back to you with relevant answers.

5. Stunna 4 Vegas Phone Number, House Address, Email

Here we discuss the most common contact methods like his phone number of Stunna 4 Vegas , email address, and his fanmail address.

Phone number: +1(978)662-8886
Email id: NA

Stunna 4 Vegas Fanmail address:

Stunna 4 Vegas,

Salisbury, North Carolina, United States

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