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If you want to know about Salice Rose’s real phone number and also looking for Salice Rose’s email and fanmail address then, you are at the correct place! We are going to give you the contact information of Salice Rose like her phone number, email address, and Fanmail address details.

Salice Rose Contact Details:

REAL NAMESalice Rose

NICKNAME: Salice Rose
DOB: November 20, 1994
PROFESSION: social media star
FATHER: Not Known
MOTHER: Not Known

Salice Rose

Salice Rose Bio

Salice Rose born November 20, 1994, is an American Instagram star who has gained widespread attention for sharing a large number of videos on the social media platform Instagram. Early years of one’s life She is a woman of Peruvian origin. Her ancestors are from Peru, and she was born and raised in the state of California. The fact that she is lovely has prompted many of her admirers to wonder where she obtained her excellent appearance and flawless skin.

Her outward appeal can be linked to her family and their social background, as well as her personality (and we imagine her inner beauty as well). She is one of a group of four individuals. Salice Rose is from a large family, and nothing makes her happier than spending time with her relatives and extended family members.

With her brothers and parents, she enjoys a warm and intimate relationship, which she constantly shares with her social media fans. She has three brothers and a sister in her family. As a result, her parents have two of everything, which makes for an excellent family to raise.

Salice Rose

She’s been on the internet since 2013, according to her profile. It was at this point that she began her Instagram account. She may have used other social media platforms prior to the ‘gram, but this was the first time she posted something on the platform. She grew her fan base in a natural way, which allowed her to gain millions of followers and build out a successful long-term professional career for herself.

She has been diagnosed with a mental condition. Salice Rose has characteristics with a large number of people. She has challenges with her mental health and is depressed on a regular basis. The task of dealing with things that can’t be seen or treated in the traditional sense might be challenging.

In order to improve your mental health, you refrain from taking any medicines and instead “relax.” Because it is unlike the flu, it comes and goes, has good days and bad days, and there is nothing you can do about it other than do your hardest to overcome it. She also happens to be a committed Christian. Salice Rose places a significant priority on her family as well as her religious beliefs.

She holds strong Christian beliefs and has a number of religious tattoos on her body. She is particularly pleased with the fact that at least three of her numerous tattoos are in reference to her religious beliefs, something she takes great pride in. She sets high importance on religion, which is commendable in and of itself.

She is a person who is naturally reserved. One thing Salice Rose cherishes above all else is her ability to be alone with her thoughts. Through the internet, she communicates with the rest of the world in great detail, but she rarely allows us a glimpse into her personal life.

That’s only for her, and she’s not willing to take the chance of disclosing too much to anyone else. In fact, when she revealed her partner to her family in 2019, it was the first time the rest of the public was aware she was dating someone.

Salice Rose picture

She has been accused of engaging in abusive behavior. Around the year 2019, a young woman started her own social media accounts for the first time. She did this because she is the ex-girlfriend of Salice Rose. Despite the fact that she spent a lot of time online accusing Rose of verbal and emotional abuse, Rose has steadfastly denied the accusations.

She answered with a video of her own, in which she expressed her desire that the individual who falsely accused her and used her name would receive the attention she sought as a result of her actions. She categorically rejected it, and she did so in a very sophisticated and formal way.

Previously, she had a romantic relationship with the Accuser. Salice Rose addressed the person who had accused her of being violent by referring to her as her ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. She did have a relationship with this woman, but we have to infer that it did not end on a pleasant or mutually beneficial note. She most likely didn’t want the relationship to end, or she didn’t want to see Rose happy with someone else, which is why she leveled these claims against the social media celebrity in question.

Her admirers adore her. Salice Rose has millions of lovers, subscribers, and followers, all of them have one thing in common: they are all passionate about Salice Rose. They are all head over heels in love with her. They hope the best for this rising celebrity and have shown their commitment to him over the course of the years. In the face of charges that she was violent, her followers came to her defence and refused to accept the accusations.

She is from California and is descended from Peruvians, according to her. Ashley is one of three siblings she has. She has two brothers and one sister. Career Salice Rose began posting images on Instagram in the month of August 2013 when she was just starting out. After people saw her films on a variety of themes, she quickly became a well-known character on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

At the time of writing, she has more than 180K Twitter followers. Alternatively, her videos can be viewed on her YouTube channel, where she has more than 120K subscribers. She has more than 1.5 million fans on Facebook, according to her website.

When ‘My Story’ became available on Snapchat in the middle of 2015, she began gaining over 5K followers every day, which climbed significantly after the feature was introduced. that Salice Rose possesses is the genuine relationship she has with her followers, which distinguishes her from many other superstars in her team.

Salice Rose image

Alice Rose is an American Instagram and social media star who is most known for her hilarious videos and lifestyle pieces that she posts across Instagram and other social media platforms. It was around this time that her mother came to the conclusion that she would probably fare better if she were homeschooled instead of attending a traditional school. She appeared to be agitated and befuddled by her identity, and she appeared to be fighting with the possibility that she was gay. She had confided in a relative about her feelings for a girl at school.

She was, on the other hand, informed that it was bad and that it was a “sin.” Rose did not fare well with the homeschooling experience and eventually ended up at a military academy. She did well there, and it was also the location where she came to terms with the fact that she was gay. She made the decision to work hard and caught up with her classmates, sometimes even outperforming them in her academics.

As a result, she was forced to return to her previous school. Rose came out of her military schooling with a firm understanding of her sexual orientation. Her family was supportive of her sexual orientation, and she was doing well in school, but some of her friends made fun of her for being who she was because they didn’t like her. After returning to her high school, she was expelled for the second time after getting into a confrontation with a teacher.

She didn’t pay attention to the criticism or the vitriol. Rose, on the other hand, worked hard, graduated with her class, and even attended Prom. Despite the fact that she went to Prom with a boy, it was on that night that she met a girl she truly liked and they exchanged phone numbers as friends before finally becoming romantically involved. She even influenced her own sister to come out as a result of her efforts.

Was it known to you that Salice Rose’s sister, Ashley Salice, happens to be a lesbian? Advertisement Rose stated that her sister’s decision to come out motivated her to be courageous and inform her family that she is a lesbian as well. Ashley has been in a relationship with a woman named Alejandra since 2017.

In addition to the sisters, there are two brothers. Salice Rose’s Tattoos are a form of body art. Salice Rose discusses in one of her films why she has so many religiously-themed tattoos and what they imply in relation to her beliefs and practices. Rose has tattoos of the gates of heaven on her back, the word “California” in large letters on her right arm, and a tattoo of a rose on her pinky.

Along with the cross on her right bicep, she has three roses below her right shoulder, the rosary on her left forearm, a tattoo of her ex on her left wrist, and a big rose on her right upper ram, and other tattoos. She is also active on YouTube, TikTok, and other social media platforms. The singer, who is of Peruvian origin, has gained notoriety by opening up about her personal life.

A social media celebrity with a rapidly growing following in the online community, Rose is a rising star. She is well-known for her amusingly timed videos on social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. Many people suspected Salice Rose was a lesbian and a member of the LGBTQ community even before she released a video declaring her sexual orientation.

And she’s a huge hit with the public! With more than eight million followers on Instagram, she has become a household name! During this time, Salice Rose’s YouTube channel has over one million subscribers, making her one of the most well-known social media stars of our generation! Salice Rose’s childhood and military education are described in detail. Salice Rose is a 23-year-old actress who was born on November 20, 1994.

She is of Peruvian heritage and was born and reared in the city of Lancaster, in the United States of America. Rose admitted on her YouTube channel that she was a bit of a delinquent when she was in high school. She was always involved in fights and received poor grades, which resulted in her being ejected from a number of different institutions. with their followers on social media.

Salice Rose was born on November 20, 1994, in the state of California, in the United States. Salice’s ancestors are of Peruvian ancestry. She has three siblings, two brothers, and a sister, all of whom are male. Salice Rose has more than 2.12 million YouTube subscribers, 13 million Instagram followers, 2.6 million Facebook fans, and 17.8 million TikTok followers as of September 2021, according to YouTube statistics. She does not appear to have a Twitter account at this time. Despite the fact that her TikTok account has millions of followers.

Salice is best known for sharing her life on the internet through YouTube, Instagram, and now the video-sharing platform TikTok. Salice has been active on social media for many years, and she is well-known for sharing her life on the internet through YouTube, Instagram, and now the video-sharing platform TikTok. Salice launched her Instagram account in 2013 and has since grown it into one of her principal social media accounts, with millions of followers, to become one of the most well-known celebrities in the world.

She has millions of fans on YouTube, where she posts vlogs about her daily life. The social media celebrity has been candid about her issues with mental health and despair. “I’m not perfect,” she says. In 2019, the actress shared an emotional video in which she discussed how much she had struggled over the previous year. “It’s a shame that this past year, 2019.I became so psychologically unstable and weak that I attempted to take my own life.

Salice Rose Phone Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website
Email AddressNA


House address (residence address)California, USA
Office AddressNA
Office NumberNA
Official WebsiteNA
Personal No.NA
Phone NumberNA
Snapchat IdNA
TikTok IdNA
Whatsapp No.NA

Salice Rose bio

Best Methods to Contact Salice Rose:

It is simpler to contact Salice Rose with the below-written contact ways. We have composed the authenticated and verified communications methods data as given below:

1. Salice Rose TikTok:NA

Salice Rose has TikTok Account on her own title name. She is posting her videos regularly. Follow Salice Rose on TikTok and also get the latest updates and video recordings from her account.

2. Salice Rose Instagram: NA

Instagram is the most used social media platform. You will get a bio of each and a very famous personality over Instagram. Even you can make contact with them through direct messages using it. Likewise, you can utilize Instagram to see Salice Rose’s Insta profile and her latest pictures.

3. Salice Rose Facebook:

Facebook is also the most famous social media platform. You can get the bio of each and every famous personality on Facebook. You can also contact them through direct messages. Likewise, you can use Facebook to see Salice Rose’s Facebook profile and her new pictures.

4. Salice Rose Twitter:

It is simpler to find and contact famous personalities by using the popular social media app Twitter. You can tweet using her Twitter id so that she could view your tweet and reply back to you with relevant answers.

5. Salice Rose Phone Number, House Address, Email

Here we discuss the most common contact methods like the phone number of Salice Rose, email address, and her fanmail address.

Phone number: NA
Email id: NA

Salice Rose Fanmail address:

California, USA

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