Snake Discovery Fan Mail Address

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Snake Discovery Fan Mail Address:

Snake Discovery
PO Box 192
Hammond, WI 54015

Address info:

(Post Office Box)
PO Box 192
Hammond, WI 54015

Snake Discovery Biography:

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Snake Discovery is the official YouTube channel of Snake Discovery LLC, a local Minnesota and Wisconsin-based small company. Emily Roberts, who owns the channel, is also its primary public face, making appearances and providing commentary in the vast majority of the videos. Her husband Ed also lends a hand by acting as a cameraman, and he is sometimes audible in the background.

Emily’s initial channel on YouTube may have been named macaw loves, however she has never verified this. Since its inception in June of 2007, macaw loves has come a long way. The fact that the channel’s only video is named “Oscar assaulting his new toy”—the name of an African grey parrot that Emily is known to have owned—provides strong evidence for this conclusion. It also has a suspiciously identical username to macawlover2, a channel Emily claims to have made and launched in November of the same year. Before this channel’s recent popularity surge, its previous all-time high subscriber count was 156. There is no longer any communication on this channel.

Macawlover2’s video content often consists of quick clips of her many bird pets. The list of her pets includes, but is not limited to, the parrot she still has, Cheyenne, who developed a feather-plucking problem owing to maltreatment in a prior home; the African grey parrot she trained to do tricks; and the military macaw, Oliver. So far, only 31 videos have been added to macawlover2, with the most recent addition being on June 6th, 2014.

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